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A Closer Look at Facebook Business Manager

Advantages of new Facebook Business Platform

A Closer Look at Facebook Business Manager

For businesses and big agencies handling multiple accounts, having their files and sensitive account details all around the place distributed among teams and members can be a source of confusion as well as a severe security threat.

Yet all the confusion and security threats that surrounded the individual business manager accounts or grey accounts has become a memory of the past with Facebook’s introduction of Facebook Business Manager, a tool that was designed as a secure hub for all the Facebook pages and accounts managed by a single team or an agency.

Business manager overview

It also allows agencies or organizations give different level of permission to a number of people while keeping their workplace and personal accounts and contacts separate. With business manager any one in a business can see and access the pages and ad accounts they work on without sharing login information and being connected to their team members on Facebook.

Business Manager People

Moreover the Facebook Business Manager makes it possible for an administrator to assign different roles to multiple users depending on the requirement of the account or the page. While a page administrator is capable of managing page roles and settings, edit pages and add apps, manage users, and view insights and settings, a page analyst only has the capacity to view insights and settings and see who posted on the page.

Business Manager people and assets

With Facebook Business Editor, ad managers can now manage all their payment sources at a single page and have a bird’s eye summary view of all ad account performance on ad account summary page.

Business Manger payment method

Moreover they can create new pages, add people, Ad Accounts, Product Catalogs and Payment Methods without switching back from one page to another. The Facebook Business Manager also makes it easy to claim assets including Ad Accounts and apps and manage projects and partners, to allow clients have multiple level of control over their Facebook pages and ad campaigns.

Manage all accounts

The Business manager also provides the flexibility of taking control of all Facebook notifications and managing all Facebook ad accounts through the Power Editor and ad manager. Designed for advertisers who have to create a large number of ads on a daily basis, power editor has many new features which makes the life of a Facebook advertiser much easy and gives them much control over their Facebook advertisement campaigns while Facebook ad manager too allows advertisers can run linear and multiple ad campaigns at a much smaller scale.

With the introduction of the Facebook Ad sets in Power Editor as well as in Ad Manager, advertisers can now create parallel ads with different images and texts listed under different Ad sets with customized audience setting. With many different yet parallel ads, advertisers have the luxury of understanding their audience better and finding the ads that resonates best with their customers. Moreover the Power Editor also allows to duplicate ad campaigns, ad sets and ads with the touch of a button and lets users save their audience segments and later use them for other campaigns. Having fine-tuned their audience segments through parallel ad campaigns and split testing, advertisers can now save their ideal audience segment specifications for later with Facebook Power Editor.

Power editor duplicate

Facebook Business Editor also provides the advertisers the luxury of being able to fine tune their audiences for better effect. While some advertisers have access to first party data through websites, apps and Facebook pixels and can create a custom audience by uploading data files, others who doesn’t have access to 1st party data can make the best out of partner data available through Power Editor, which provides more in-depth demographics, behaviors and more user categories to narrow and fine tune the target audience. However this service is yet to be available to advertisers in Sri Lanka.

Power Editor also provides advertisers more control over where their ads are going to appear on Facebook and through which devices. With power editor advertisers can choose the devices may it be desktop or mobile devices or a combination of devices for their ads to appear on and decide where their ads needs to display on Facebook; whether it is the newsfeed or right hand column or a combination of locations. Last but not least Power Editor also lets users bulk edit and upload FB ads and ad sets with just few clicks.

If these multiple advertising options are not enough to get advertisers excited about the new Facebook Business Manager, it allowing ad managers share Facebook pixels with other marketing partners sure will. With the latest changes introduced to Facebook pixels, advertisers can now use a single Facebook tracking pixel created through Business Manager to track conversions as well as customer audience as against the past practice of creating different tracking pixels to track conversion and custom audiences.

Facebook pixels

At the moment Facebook advertisers are using Custom Audience Pixel to track audiences, look alike audiences and dynamic product ads while tracking conversions and optimizations with conversion pixels. With the new method which Facebook is planning to permanently implement by late 2016, we can use one pixel to do it all and more! In fact with the new Facebook pixel advertisers can track multiple aspects of a conversion and can track up to nine events, each with their individual parameters.